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Destination Management Company

What is a Destination Management Company or DMC?

A DMC or Destination Management Company organizes everything from transportation and accommodation to restaurants, excursions, guides, event decor, and more for corporate and group travelers.

Our company, DispoTravel, meticulously curates your itinerary so all you have to do is pack your bags…and we can even help with that if you want!

We are a bespoke DMC agency organizing group trips, small or large, primarily for corporate events but equally adaptable to groups of any size and occasion. We’ll make your itinerary glide as if it was on runners.

Why DMCs are Essential for Corporate Travel?

DMCs provide a much needed safety net between corporations and the myriad of service providers out there. Because of their deep knowledge of local markets, DMCs have established a trusted network of professionals that can be called up to deliver the highest quality travel experience. Without a DMC, corporate travel departments would be forced to try and choose providers themselves which could present issues if a provider could not deliver services to the expected standards.


Where does DispoTravel operate?

DispoTravel covers the entirety of Europe, Egypt, Israel, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, UAE, and other nearby countries with further expansion plans currently underway. We can cover such a broad swathe in a highly detailed and efficient manner because we have a network of trusted vendors, agents, and suppliers that we have developed over the years to help provide a seamless top notch experience for our clients.

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Benefits of working with a DMC

What are the benefits of working with a DispoTravel?

Dispotravel makes travel easy. We are constantly working busily behind the scenes handling all the organizational aspects of your trip which would make it stressful if you were to do it your-selves. Here are a few of the benefits of working with DispoTravel:


  • There is only one point person to communicate with for the entirety of your trip instead of liaising with dozens of different service providers
  • We can accommodate any unforeseen circumstances (weather events, illnesses, or accidents ) that would normally derail a travel itinerary. Our team of agents and service providers is intimately familiar with every available resource in the countries and regions they serve to ensure your travel plans get back on track despite any setbacks. We plan ahead, incorporating backup scenarios every step of the way.
  • Our agents are available 24/7 for the duration of your trip to attend to any concerns or questions you might have.
  • We provide our clients with the best hotels, activities, and dining choices in each of the countries and regions we serve.
  • We use the best vetted and trusted service suppliers in each location.
  • We are tech compliant, using the latest technology and innovations to help organize your trips, providing constant communication with our clients, and offering itemized billing options for tax deduction purposes.

What services does DispoTravel offer?

An easier question to answer would be what services don’t we offer? We can organize all transportation by ground, air, sea or train. We can book all accommodation, entertainment, tours, excursions (soccer games, theater, concerts museum visits, etc), and restaurants, not to mention transportation to and from said events and any corporate meetings.


We’ll sprinkle gold dust over your corporate or personal travel plans to boost business and firm friendships. Whether it’s a helicopter tour of the coastline, a mountain hike, or a private cooking class culinary. If you can dream it, we can deliver it. Here are just a few of the ways we can help.


All transportation, tours, excursions, and more arranged and executed.


  • Curated group experiences with qualified vetted guides harnessing insider knowledge and expertise to make the most of unique travel experiences. DMCs are best known for their ability to arrange safaris, cruises, cultural tours, sightseeing excursions and more exotic experiences that is beyond the scope of most travel agencies.
  • From drab to fab. We’ll furnish and decorate your corporate event to ensure it makes the maximum impact with all attendees using, tables capes, flowers, lighting, and brand activation’s. Our expertise in this department has led many clients to book us to help plan weddings, anniversary parties, corporate roadshows and more.
  • Entertainment. From a string quartet to a jazz trio to a rock band. We’ll book the entertainment your event needs. For higher end events, with enough advance notice, we can liaise with booking agencies and management companies to book A-list talent including world famous pop stars, comedians and magicians.
  • Team building events. We can organize team-building events to suit every occasion, from white water rafting to scavenger hunts or cooking classes, you’ll bond, laugh, and learn all at the same time.
  • VIP & Behind-the-scene experiences. Want a tour of a soccer stadium? Maybe you want to go backstage after a live concert? Our network of experts and contacts can make your event one not to forget.
  • Cultural experiences. If you crave culture over adrenaline we’ll skip the scuba diving and dirt bikes in favor of something more refined. We can arrange trips to plays, museums, art galleries, temples, locally revered restaurants, and more.
  • Sustainable travel experiences. Sustainability has been a growing trend in travel in re-cent years, for a good reason. It helps empower local businesses and communities while helping the planet too. Many companies have been keen to align their brands with sustainability, and as such we have cultivated relationships with providers for just those purposes. Whether it’s touring lush rice paddies in Vietnam or visiting the world’s largest brown bear sanctuary in Romania, trying your hand at preIncan artisanal crafts in Peru, or visiting a Costa Rican coffee farm, we can arrange it for you.

What does DispoTravel offer you?

Peace of mind, memories to last a lifetime? That’s just for starters. Dispotravel is like having a personal travel assistant arrange your travel itinerary before you take one step outside your house. We cater primarily to what is known in the travel and tourism industry as MICE (meet-ings, incentives, conventions/conferences and exhibitions) travelers. We also provide DMC services for FIT (free independent travelers) who are not affiliated with any corporate groups and are instead traveling individually or in small groups.


Dispotravel views itself as more of a global network, liaising with our local agents in different cities and countries. Because of our ongoing business, we’re able to negotiate the best prices with the best tour guides for excursions and group activities.


We smooth out any issues, answer any questions, and can create a bespoke program to cater to all your needs. We’ll even give you a wake-up call. From the driver that takes you to the air-port, to the concierge at your hotel, and the first bite you take at a restaurant, we’ll make every moment of your trip memorable. These are just a few of the perks included when you choose to plan your corporate or group travel through us:


  • Maximum flexibility. We can change plans at a moment’s notice to accommodate any client’s preferences
  • 24/7 availability including 1 day before the date of travel to answer questions, go over or change plans. We’re always happy to help, put your mind at rest and ensure you have the best trip possible.
  • High efficiency. We pride ourselves on our prompt responses to any client questions or inquiries about organizing a travel schedule.
  • Creativity. We can dream up an itinerary to match our clients’ wildest imaginations. Veering away from traditional activities and excursions is never a problem.
  • DispoCars. No need to hail a cab. We offer mobile apps for our own car service, which operates in a similar way to other ride-sharing platforms, except we ensure cars are always available and all drivers are vetted through our company. We offer any kind of transportation on four wheels including taxis, economy sedans, buses, vans, minibuses, VIP and business cars, stretch limos, party buses and more.
  • Accommodation. We can source any type of accommodation needed, from stylish five star hotels to luxury log cabins, country homes and more. Anywhere your event is taking place we can book accommodation suitable for the occasion and your budget. We have ongoing partnerships with various hotel chains and local reps guaranteeing the best prices for our clients.
  • Dining options. If you want a carnival for your taste-buds we’ve got you covered. Knowing what to eat is a common question we get when arranging travel in foreign countries. We can recommend specific restaurants to suit our clients’ needs, make reservations and call ahead to ensure any allergies and dietary preferences are catered to
  • Complete branding. If you want your company’s brand to be displayed prominently throughout event spaces, on furniture, and clothing, we can coordinate with local manufacturers to ensure everything is set up before you arrive.